Smog Check
 We are experienced at using computerized engine diagnostics to quickly and accurately identify and treat whatever  symptom your auto is experiencing!  
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Vehicle Maintenance

Smog Inspection


Cooling system repair (A/C)

Factory scheduled maintenance 

Battery Change

Battery inspection

Electrical systems services and repair

Steering & Suspension Services 

Heating & Cooling Services

Tires Fix & Replacements

Tire Rotation 

Flat Tire Services 

Vehicle Inspection

Brake Services

5-Star Repair Services 

Engine services and repair

Steering & Suspension Services 

Alternators, starters and ignition Services 

Fuel Pumps & lines Repair 

Water Pumps

Towing Service Available

Oil & Break Checks

Oil change, lube and filer

Clean fuel injector

Brake and Transmission Fluid Replacement 

Engine Repairs

Fan & Belt Inspection

Alternators, Starters & Ignition Service

Fuel Pumps & Lines Repair 

Water Pumps 

Air Conditioning service

Factory scheduled maintenance

Transmission Service & Repair